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Royer Studios

Royer Studios prepares for the launch of AMAP Studios

As Animate My Action Plan (AMAP) expands into its ninth site this spring, Royer Studios is preparing for the launch of AMAP Studios, a residential vocational training facility, located at Fort Stewart, Georgia, for select graduates of both the Youth ChalleNGe program and AMAP Phase II from across the country.

AMAP Studios, the third phase of the program, will provide comprehensive vocational training in digital media production and advanced mentorship for young men and women to prepare them for careers in content creation for film, television, and the web.

APTEP May 22, 2017 Latest News

Elemental Excelerator

New EEx demo projects available

New Elemental Excelerator demo projects available at the Commerce page.

APTEP May 22, 2017 Latest News

MEDB / Women in Technology

8th Annual Hawaii STEM Conference Empowers New Generation of STEM Innovators

On May 1-2, more than 1,000 students, educators, industry partners and community leaders throughout the state and the nation gathered for the 8th Annual Hawaii STEM Conference – an empowering STEM event dedicated to engaging a new generation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) innovators in Hawaii.

Presented by Maui Economic Development Board’s (MEDB) Women in Technology (WIT) project, the conference was held for the first time at the Hawaii Convention Center on Oahu. This year’s theme, “Download Knowledge. Upload Service,” invited students to demonstrate and showcase the skills and abilities they have gained to help create a thriving future, not only for Hawaii, but the world.

APTEP May 15, 2017 Latest News


Daniel K. Inouye Innovation Award – Showcase your STEM project!

Applications are now being accepted for this year’s Daniel K. Inouye Innovation Award. This annual award will be presented to a Maui County project team that demonstrates the most innovative use of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) tools and capabilities to serve and improve our community.

Applications must be received by MEDB no later than August 11, 2017.

APTEP May 15, 2017 Latest News

Elemental Excelerator

Behind the Scenes of Interactive Week 2017

Unlike a typical tech accelerator where companies often move between cities to participate in three-month programs, companies joining Elemental Excelerator visit Hawaii and Silicon Valley for one week at a time 3-5 times during the first nine months. Companies kick off their participation in Elemental Excelerator with Kickoff Week in Honolulu. Then they reconvene about six months later, along with portfolio companies from previous cohorts, for EEx Interactive Week in Silicon Valley.

While Kickoff Week is focused on building relationships among the cohort companies, leveraging the expertise of the cohort, and integrating companies into our Hawaii ecosystem, Interactive Week is focused on connecting companies to the right investors, customers, and partners that can help them scale. Interactive Week is also an opportunity for cross-cohort introductions and collaboration. Read on to learn about how our EEx Interactive Week went this year!

APTEP May 15, 2017 Latest News

Elemental Excelerator

Spreading Our Wings

On April 13, 2017 the Energy Excelerator became Elemental Excelerator, a new nonprofit created in collaboration with Emerson Collective, the investment and philanthropic platform founded by Laurene Powell Jobs.

Elemental Excelerator will work in collaboration with Emerson Elemental, the newly established platform of Emerson Collective committed to strengthening the relationship between humanity and nature through scalable, equitable, and innovative solutions.

For the last seven years, our team has been developing the Energy Excelerator (EEx) and helping startups scale and sustainably modernize our infrastructure. We have evolved from funding companies who are primarily focused on energy to a holistic systems approach funding companies in agriculture, water, transportation, and more – and we’ve built partnerships with some of the largest energy and technology companies in the world.

APTEP Apr. 24, 2017 Latest News

Energy Excelerator

May We Accelerate You?! Our (Very Specific) Request For Innovations

Our mission is to transform communities through innovation. Every year, we scour the globe in search of entrepreneurs developing creative solutions in energy, water, agriculture, cybersecurity and transportation.

In a few short weeks, on April 10, applications will open for Elemental Excelerator’s 2018 cohort, and we’ll be looking to support 12-15 companies, who are anywhere between Seed and Series C. If you’ve taken your idea, built a prototype and assembled a team around it, congratulations – you’re eligible to apply! We want to take your technology, team, and traction to the next level of growth at an accelerated pace.

APTEP Apr. 24, 2017 Latest News

Introducing Lahaina Intermediate girls to engineering and astronomy

Cindy Schumacher, Lahaina News, March 9, 2017

In observance of February’s National Engineers Week, Maui Economic Development Board’s (MEDB) Women in Technology (WIT) Program hosted two days of special activities in science and engineering. Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (IGED) and Introduce a Girl to Astronomy Day (IGAD) exposed Maui girls, grades 7-8.

APTEP Mar. 6, 2017 Latest News

Energy Excelerator

How To Deploy Cleantech With Strategics (With A Surprise New Partner Inside!)

Just as technology is the flaw in Malthusian limits to growth, deployment for startups is the X-factor that cracks the chicken-and-egg problem of growth (no one will work with you until your tech is proven, but you need to work with a partner to prove it).

More often than not, the partners for our deployment are ‘strategic partners’ – larger organizations with broad capacity who work with, fund, and sometimes acquire startups. Energy Excelerator has now worked on 28 deployments across our 53 portfolio companies (we fund later stage companies with up to $1M), and these projects and partners have been critical to helping our startups make the leap into bigger markets, with bigger partners.

With the critical role of strategics in mind, we are excited to announce our newest partner–Enel.

APTEP Apr. 24, 2017 Latest News

Energy System Technology Evaluation Program (ESTEP)

New ESTEP video released!

Watch the latest ESTEP video: Energy for the Future Force!

APTEP Mar. 6, 2017 Latest News

Renewable facilities operator Enel to join Hawaii-based Energy Excelerator’s strategic advisory board

Anna Hrushka, Pacific Business News, March 1, 2017

Enel Green Power North America, Inc., an owner and operator of renewables facilities, has partnered with Hawaii-based Energy Excelerator.
Enel North America, the U.S.-based subsidiary of Italy’s Enel S.p.A., joins Energy Excelerator’s strategic advisory board, alongside the U.S. Department of Energy, GE Ventures, Blackstone and power utilities from five different countries, to provide member startups with support to develop clean energy solutions.

APTEP Mar. 6, 2017 Latest News

Navy Win-Win: Energy Research Expands, Student Veterans Advance

David Smalley, Office of Naval Research, February 23, 2017

From cybersecurity to reducing energy costs for the military, a program sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) is offering a double-win for the nation: Navy and Marine Corps veterans are being connected to advanced internships in energy fields, with the ultimate goal of long-term energy sustainability for the future fleet and force.

The Energy System Technology Evaluation Program, or ESTEP, began four years ago as a way to train veteran Sailors and Marines in energy careers while helping meet warfighter energy demands. Sponsored by ONR’s sea warfare and weapons department, the unique program merges academia and naval commands in an effort to advance energy technologies to meet critical naval needs and reduce one of the biggest costs for the services — as well as some of the biggest dangers, including resupply runs in combat zones.

APTEP Mar. 6, 2017 Latest News

Maui Now: MEDB Fund power robotics, STEM careers in Maui County

The robotics phenom is spreading nationwide and students throughout Maui County are getting a dose of the “hardest fun” they’ve ever had. Maui Economic Development Board is supporting robotics in Hawaiʻi as part of its commitment to empowering youth with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills for future careers.

For over fifteen years, MEDB with the support of numerous community stakeholders has been empowering students in Maui County and statewide through multiple STEM education programs like its MEDB Ke Alahele Education Fund, a grant program that encourages pathways to STEM careers. Two of the popular educational programs supported by the Fund are VEX and FIRST Robotics.

APTEP Mar. 6, 2017 Latest News

Energy Excelerator

Energy Excelerator invests $5M in 12 new cleantech companies

Energy Excelerator, the national clean energy program dedicated to helping solve the world’s energy challenges, is announcing its latest cohort of 12 companies, with later-stage companies set to each receive up to $1M in funding.

Ranging from aerial spectroscopy for farmers to a new CO2 conversion technology, these companies join a portfolio of over 50 companies who are affecting change across the energy and infrastructure systems.

With funding from the US Navy, Department of Energy, GE Ventures, Blackstone, power utilities in five different countries and more, Energy Excelerator issues a yearly call for infrastructure-related companies from across the globe, conducts rigorous due diligence, and eventually chooses a select class (~5% of applicants) to fund, train and help succeed through a vast array of partners.

APTEP Feb. 2, 2017 Latest News

University of Hawai’i – West O’ahu

A new project has been added!

The Cyber Workforce Development and Cyber Security Coordinating Center (CSCC) Sustainment Project directly supports cyber workforce development needs for the U.S. Navy; promotes local, regional, and global needs to develop subject matter experts in information security and assurance; and supports the transition of veterans into engineering related career fields.

APTEP Feb. 2, 2017 Latest News

Women in Technology – MEDB

Fall 2016 was plenty of events and activities

Several events took place at the end of 2016:

The WIT-MEDB annual STEMworks™ Professional Development Workshop took place September 30 and October 1 on Maui. Click here (LINK) to read more about it!

Oahu elementary and middle school teachers met during Fall Break to learn how they can bring renewable energy science and energy prosperity back into the classroom through the Island Energy Inquiry™ Professional Development Workshop (visit the Gallery page)! Teachers learned about inquiry science and the engineering design process, learning as students do by experimenting and retesting. This two-day workshop is sponsored by the Ka Hei project by the Hawaii State Department of Education aimed at reducing energy costs and consumption at every DOE school in Hawaii while creating meaningful learning opportunities for students and teachers. Click here (LINK) to read more;

Oahu students celebrated GIS Day at the NOAA Inouye Regional Center on Nov. 15 (visit the Gallery page)!
Students took part in various sessions all exploring how GIS is used in the industry. They explored the Earth with Science on the Sphere, learned about topography through an Augmented Reality Sandbox, used GPS units to track their movements, learned how drones are used to collect data, create Storymaps, and see different parts of the world through virtual reality!

The STEMworks AFTERschool™ Program allows students to learn new STEM skills outside of the school day and classroom! Students participated in a two-day Adobe Illustrator Workshop where they learned the basics of Adobe Illustrator to create and plan landscapes, storyboards, and their very own superhero! Click here (LINK) to read more about the STEMworks AFTERschool™ Program;

Watch the video (LINK) about the STEMworks™ THINKit (visit the Gallery page).

APTEP Jan. 26, 2017 Latest News

Hawaii startup joins Wells Fargo’s Innovation Incubator

Anna Hrushka, Pacific Business News, January 12, 2017

Ibis Networks and fellow Energy Excelerator startup Geli were among 10 companies selected for the bank’s five-year, $10 million startup program, which aims to advance energy efficiency by accelerating sustainable commercial-building technologies.

APTEP Jan. 26, 2017 Latest News

Chaminade University

A new project has been added!

There is a new project managed by Chaminade University.

The “K-20 Engineering Pipeline Project: Engineering a Community’s Future” is the newest project addition to the Asia-Pacific Technology and Education Partnership. It is supported by a two-year grant from the Office of Naval Research to expand the development of an engineering pathway from high school to college. It is also part of a larger regional effort in Central Oahu in the state of Hawaii to better align education to workforce needs within the state as well as the region…

APTEP Jan. 26, 2017 Latest News

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