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The 7th Annual Hawaii STEM Conference, held on May 6-7, proved once again that everyone’s a winner when it comes to STEM education. Whether it’s empowering our youth through science, technology, engineering and math (STEM); providing our teachers with needed STEM-based resources and tools; or inspiring our state’s next generation of innovative thinkers and doers – STEM has the power to impact us all.

Held at the Wailea Marriott Resort on Maui, this annual statewide conference was presented by Maui Economic Development’s (MEDB) Women in Technology (WIT) project.

Over 800 students, teachers and industry professionals participated in the two-day conference which boasted over 43 student breakout sessions, 16 teacher professional development breakout sessions, and 15 STEM competitions. A total of 112 schools and organizations statewide were represented.

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Royer Studios returned to the Hawaii STEM Conference to host an on-site competition of animated public service announcements promoting clean and renewable energy…Have a look go to the News!

Conference Highlights

  • 800+ Conference Attendance
  • 43+ Student Breakout Sessions
  • 112  Schools and Organizations Statewide
  • 16 Teacher Development Breakout Sessions
  • 15 STEM Competitions

Hawaii STEM Conference 2015

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The 6th Annual Hawaii STEM Conference, held on April 17 and 18 once again lived up to its reputation as the state’s premiere Science, Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) conference for students and educators. Presented by Maui Economic Development Board’s (MEDB) Women in Technology (WIT) project, the event attracted more than 500 attendees who explored the many benefits of STEM learning, showcased some of the best programs and projects, and expanded Hawaii community of experiential STEM advocates.

The impact of the conference can’t be conveyed by just numbers, it was the personal development and empowerment that many event attendees experienced and will carry with them way beyond the Conference.

“It’s all about engaging our students and educators through interactive STEM learning,” said WIT Program Director Isla Young. “We strive to make the conference experience unique each year. Whether it’s adding fresh program content, introducing new technologies, bringing in prominent speakers, offering network opportunities or opening one’s eyes to possible careers – it all adds up to an empowering STEM experience.”

Conference Highlights

  • 500+ Conference Attendance
  • 350 Student Participants
  • 32 Student Breakout Sessions
  • 30+ Schools and Organizations Statewide
  • 100 Professional Developments Teachers
  • 75 Industry Professionals
  • 12 STEM Competitions
  • 150 Laptops & iPads used in Interactive Sessions

Hawaii STEM Conference 2014


Since it began in 2009, the Hawaii STEM Conference has grown in popularity and star quality. The 2014 Conference introduced an overall theme: “Innovate. Empower. Impact the World through STEM”. Throughout the sessions, attendees were encouraged to keep this theme in mind as they gain new knowledge and are motivated to apply what they learn to help their own communities, if not the world. This year, 300 students representing 30 intermediate and high schools across the islands attended. For many, it was their first experience at a regional technology conference complete with breakout sessions, software competitions, a formal awards banquet, and exhibit presentations. The statewide event allowed students to have firsthand exposure to the advanced in-demand technologies, the latest software training, and real world challenges in the form of fun, hands-on team competitions. Kicking off the event on Friday, a timed, high-energy mixer – the 5×5 Sessions – gave 300 students the opportunity to engage 5 different industry professionals every 5 minutes to learn about career pathways, personal experiences and insights.

Hawaii STEM conference 2014 (Source: WIT)

(Photo courtesy of WIT/MEDB)

Conference Highlights

  • 500+ Conference Attendance
  • 300 Student Participants
  • 26 Student Breakout Sessions
  • 30+ Schools and Organizations Statewide
  • 6 Professional Development Breakout Sessions
  • 120 Professional Developments Teachers
  • 75 Industry Professionals
  • 9 Software Competitions
  • 150 Laptops & iPads used in Interactive Sessions

Throughout the two days, 26 student breakout sessions were offered, led by education teams from Google and National Geographic Education, as well as industry presenters from EPSCoR, Air Force Research Laboratory, 3D Innovations, University of Hawaii-Maui College, Searider Productions, 3D Innovations, Goma Games and many more. There were also professional development workshops designed for teachers to motivate students in STEM and increase hands-on learning in the classroom. The sessions ranged in topics from Google Earth and cool mapping resources to augmented reality, canoe design, game and web design, 3D CAD and outdoor GPS/GIS projects.

Hawaii STEM Conference 2013


Over 350 STEM/Service Learning students representing 29 intermediate and high schools from every island across the state gathered on Maui on April 2013 to celebrate their project work, engage with STEM Industry professionals and meet peers from different islands. The fourth annual Hawaii STEM Conference was held on April 19-20 at the Wailea Resort, bringing local students, teachers, parents, community, and business members together with some of the most innovative companies in the world. The two-day event gave students the opportunity to learn about current in-demand technologies, get the latest software training, and apply their skills against other STEM teams in fun, challenging competitions.

Conference Highlights

  • 350+ Participants
  • 29 DOE Schools Statewide
  • 29 Student Breakout Sessions
  • 75+ Industry Partners
  • 60 Professional Developments Teachers
  • 14 Professional Development Breakout Sessions
  • 90 Laptops & iPads used in Interactive Sessions

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