2016 Cohort

2016 Cohort Portfolio

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The Elemental Excelerator provides customized resources to energy innovators to help Hawaii and the world solving the energy challenges.
Funding source: Office of Naval Research is one of the funding agencies supporting the Elemental Excelerator program.


Here the startups of the 2016 cohort

BLUE PILLAR – Centralized energy management platform for single & multi-site facilities – RESILIENCE, GRID – Demonstration – Blue Pillar is a leader in energy management solutions for single and mulitsite facilities. Their solution inventories equipment and optimizes load profile design to right-size distributed energy resources that may be added to the energy system;

CARBON LIGHTHOUSE 10x cheaper, whole-building energy efficiency – EFFIENCY- Demonstration – Carbon Lighthouse has developed a proprietary software and process to deliver energy savings 10x more cost effectively than traditional methods offered. The heart of the Carbon Lighthouse solution is a network of sensors that are deployed throughout a commercial or industrial building’s mechanical room and roof;

EDISUN MICROGRIDS – Simple Concentrated Solar Power – GRID – Demonstration – Edisun Heliostats has developed and is currently creating a commercial, micro-scale Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology with integrated energy storage referred to as Combined Solar and Storage (CSS) technology;

GELI (Growing Energy Labs Inc.) – Software & business solutions for energy storage systems – GRID- Demonstration – Geli addresses a critical gap in the energy storage vendor ecosystem – a software platform to integrate the development process with guaranteed system performance;

GOMETER – Water usage monitoring & conservation without smart meters – WATER- Go-to-Market – GOmeter turns traditional water meters into smart water meters using their camera-based device. Residents and businesses can monitor their water usage without going through the intrusive process of installing smart meters;

LASTWALL – Cloud‐based platform protecting companies against cyber‐crime – FINTECH, RESILIENCE – Go-to-Market – Lastwall is focused on bringing real-time risk and fraud analysis methodologies and technologies, extensively used in large enterprises like banks, to the cloud.

PLOTWATT – Energy management via machine learning – EFFICIENCY – Demonstration – PlotWatt is a cloud-based disaggregation software company that utilizes proprietary algorithms to translate smart meter data into actionable insights for end customers;

PONO HOME – Home Efficiency: Delivered – EFFICIENCY – Demonstration – Pono Home offers a comprehensive greening service that recommends and implements steps toward a more energy and water efficient home. In addition to providing a comprehensive energy and sustainability audit, Pono Home handles the implementation of efficiency improvements.

T-REX – Valuation & risk analysis tools to unlock investment into renewable energy assets – FINTECH – Demonstration – T-REX is a finance technology company that specializes in analytic tools for analyzing and investing in renewable technology assets.

UTILITYAPI – Universal application programming interface for energy data – SOLAR – Go-to-Market – UtilityAPI’s software gathers and cleans data so it’s easy for new energy companies to complete customer proposals, finance their projects, and manage their customers after installation.

WATERSMART – Customer engagement for water utilities – WATER – Demonstration – WaterSmart is leading the pack in water efficiency and data analysis space by transforming utility consumption data into a water use efficiency and customer engagement program.

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